Aerial view of Dream Orb drop in Waterplace Basin (Photograph by Erin Cuddigan)

Narragansett Bay Commission | FringePVD

WaterFire Ignites Rhode Island Radio Show – underwritten by National Grid and supported by Emery’s Catering. Hosted this week by Barnaby Evans.


Our host, WaterFire’s creator, Barnaby Evans will be joined by Ray Marshall from the Narragansett Bay Commission talking about this weekend’s Clear Currents event.

Josh Short, Founder and Artistic Director of The Wilbury Theatre Group will join us to talk about all the excitement at next week’s FringePVD Festival


Episode Segments:

Part 1: Fringe PVD


Part 2-4: The Narragansett Bay Commision and WaterFire’s Clear Currents Event




Episode 91 – Broadcast July 20th, 2017 | Featured image: Aerial view of Clear Currents paddlers in the Waterplace Park Basin, photograph by Erin Cuddigan.

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