Waterplace Basin during WaterFire. Photo by Jeffrey Stolzberg.

Navigant Credit Union and Ocean State Sandwich Company

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Hosted by Bronwyn Dannenfelser and guest co-host Barnaby Evans

On this week’s episode:

Today Bronwyn is joined by the president and CEO of Navigant Credit Union Gary Furtado. 2015 is a milestone year for Navigant Credit Union, they are celebrating their 100th anniversary and are joining WaterFire Providence as one of the lead fire sponsors for our July 18th lighting. Bronwyn’s second guest is Eric Handwerger, the owner and proprietor of the Ocean State Sandwich Company.


Episode Segments:

Part 1 – Navigant Credit Union

Part 2 – Ocean State Sandwich Company

About Navigant Credit Union

Our business launched in 1915 in the basement of Notre Dame Parish in Central Falls – one year after the Rhode Island General Assembly passed a law allowing so-called “loan societies” like ours to incorporate as credit unions. Our incorporation papers were filed on March 9, 1915 at the office of the Secretary of State, and – just like that – “La Credit Union de Notre Dame de Central Falls” became Rhode Island’s first credit union.

From that humble beginning in 1915 Navigant Credit Union continues to experience significant growth. At the end of its first year in operation in 1915, the Credit Union recorded assets of $22,000. Fifty years later at the end of 1964, assets exceeded $15,000,000. And today after world wars, a worldwide depression and a tremendous shift in the demographic make-up of the community, Navigant Credit Union continues to grow.

Museum of Work and Culture, Woonsocket, RI.
Museum of Work and Culture, Woonsocket, RI.

Navigant Credit Union is currently presenting the Treasury of Life Exhibit, on display now at the Museum of Work and Culture.

What did they do when they got here? Who helped them along the way? The stories of French Canadian immigrants provide the voice for these universal struggles of all immigrants to America. Our permanent exhibit, Going to Work: Twentieth Century Settlers to the Blackstone Valley, brings new voices and faces to the museum and this site.

Want to see your family’s history in a museum? Preserve the precious objects and materials that tell your family’s history in this unique exhibit!

Ocean State Sandwhich CompanyAbout the Ocean State Sandwich Company


“Our goals are to provide lunch and dinner choices that feature local, quality ingredients, and to accommodate the desires both of customers who are looking to eat healthy and those who are looking for an indulgence. So while you’ll find an abundance of hearty, healthful items, soups and salads, you’ll also find a braised beef or meatball sandwich on a Buono’s Bakery sub roll. We’re food people and opening a place in a part of Rhode Island where we’re surrounded by an abundance of farms on the one side and dedicated small food producers on the other, it’s just a perfect situation.”
– Eric Handwerger

Episode 34 – Broadcast: July 8th, 2015 | Featured image: Waterplace Basin during WaterFire. Photo by Jeffrey Stolzberg. Photo by Jeffery Stolzberg. Via WaterFire Providence on Flickr.

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