PVDFest and Olneyville’s Ovie Awards Highlight the Best Providence Has to Offer

WaterFire Ignites Rhode Island Radio Show – underwritten by National Grid and supported by Lifetime Medical and Emery’s Catering. Hosted this week by Bronwyn Dannenfelser.


Today we will be speaking with Stephanie Fortunato from the city of Providence about PVDFest 2016 which kicks off this evening and goes through Sunday. The City of Providence will be bustling with musical performances, art exhibits and many fun cultural happenings.

We will also be speaking with Tina Shepard of ONE Neighborhood Builders and Pilar McCloud from A Sweet Creation Youth Organization, Chair Providence Branch Youth Work Committee and Chair NEAC Youth Work Committee about the upcoming event, on Saturday June 11th, when ONE neighborhood Builders will host its first ever Olneyville Ovie Awards – Olneyville’s Version of the Oscars! The goal of this red carpet, dress to impress event is to honor, recognize, and pay tribute to some of the businesses, organizations, residents, and community stakeholders that make Olneyville such a special place! Get tickets here.


Episode Segments:

Part 1 – PVDFest

Part 2 – Olneyville Ovie Awards


Episode 57 – Broadcast: June 2nd, 2016 | Featured image: PVD Fest.

2 thoughts on “PVDFest and Olneyville’s Ovie Awards Highlight the Best Providence Has to Offer”

  1. It’s so refreshing after a long day of work to tune in to such an uplifting show! Bronwyn and her guests shed such a positive light on our capital city. They are constantly exploring and exemplifying all the great artistic and cultural events happening in downtown Providence. I have had the pleasure of befriending Bronwyn and her husband Richard over the last few years. It is a pleasure to support such a great show. I encourage all of my friends and fellow Rhose Islanders to do the same!

    P. S. Loved hearing Rev’s laughter in the background!

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