Purple Cat Winery | Honest Tea | Lifetime Medical

WaterFire Ignites Rhode Island Radio Show – underwritten by National Grid and supported by Lifetime Medical. Hosted this week by Bronwyn Dannenfelser and Pat Paolino Cruz.

Today’s show will be co-hosted by local event producer Pat Paolino Cruz. We will be recapping last weekend’s lighting and bringing you up to date on the many wonderful things to do around town this weekend, including the unique and family friendly celebration at the Purple Cat Winery taking place July 1st through the 4th.

We are happy to be joined by James Varrichio of Honest Tea. You might have seen their booth at this last weekend. We’ll get to learn all about their National Honesty Index program and see if we improved on Providence’s last place ranking.


At Honest Tea we’ve always been curious to see if the rest of the country feels as strongly about honesty as we do, so we developed a social experiment to find out if people would pay for their beverages on the honor system if no one appeared to be watching.

The results might surprise you…

We will also be speaking with Lou Paolino from Lifetime Medical, sponsor of WaterFire and the WaterFire Ignites RI radio show about the company, their current active recruitment and some of the challenges that the changes in healthcare legislation have had on their business over the last couple of years.

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