C if For Cure Lighting Ceremony. Photo by John Nickerson.

C is For Cure: Hep C WaterFire Lighting | Volunteering at WaterFire Providence

WaterFire Ignites Rhode Island Radio Show – underwritten by National Grid and supported by Lifetime Medical and Emery’s Catering. Hosted this week by Bronwyn Dannenfelser.


Bronwyn’s first guest will be Dr. Lynn Taylor, who will give us an inside look at our upcoming fire on August 6th, the very special “Hep C Hope: A WaterFire Lighting for Rhode Island Defeats Hep C“. There are plenty of amazing resources and celebrations at this fire, so don’t miss it!

Next, we’ll hear from WaterFire’s very own Gary St. Laurent, WaterFire’s Volunteer Coordinator, who will be joined by Andre Zawadowicz, Volunteer Photographer and Boat Captain in Training! They will share information on the unique experience of being a WaterFire volunteer, and let you know how to get involved!



Episode Segments:

Part 1 – RI Defeats Hep C


Part 2 – Volunteering at WaterFire Providence


Episode 65 – Broadcast: July 28th, 2016 | Featured image: 2015 C is For Cure WaterFire Lighting Ceremony. Photo by John Nickerson.

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