Honest Tea | Ten31 Productions | The FireBall

WaterFire Ignites Rhode Island Radio Show – underwritten by National Grid and supported by Lifetime Medical and Emery’s Catering. Hosted this week by Bronwyn Dannenfelser.



Bronwyn will give us an update on the September 4th Fire, some of the exciting events coming up around town, and the results of Honest Tea‘s National Honesty Index, which came to Providence at WaterFire on June 18th!

Next on we will have Joe Pari, co-owner and founder of the spectacularTEN31 Productions, who create the breathtaking living statues that you see at every WaterFire event!

Bronwyn will also chat with Nicole Purcell, our Director of Philantrhopy, about FireBall (WaterFire Providence presents: FireBall), WaterFire’s incredible gala, coming up on November 17th and some updates about our new building.


Episode Segments:

Part 1 – Honest Tea


Part 2 – Ten31 Productions


Part 3 – The FireBall


Episode 69 – Broadcast: August 25th, 2016 | Featured image: Braziers in Memorial Park. Photograph by Carol Gao.

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