Gift from a gargoyle, photo by James Turner.

Making WaterFire & Making Pretend

The WaterFire Providence Volunteer Experience & Making Pretend with Ten31 Productions

Barnaby and Bronwyn will be joined in the studio by Eric Auger and Joe Pari, the creative duo behind the masks at Ten31 Productions. Ten31’s gargoyles and other lively characters have been enthralling crowds at WaterFire for many years and even claim to have been born at WaterFire. Eric and Joe will be discussing the creative process behind their mysterious creations and highlighting their upcoming event, MYSTERIUM The Eternal Masquerade, being held on October 31st at the Providence Public Library.

In the second half of the show (starting at 19:24) our guest will be WaterFire Providence’s Volunteer Coordinator, Andrea Ritter. Andrea will speak about how our fans can become involved with our events as volunteers and she will also share some stories about what it means to be a WaterFire volunteer. Volunteering is a great way for individuals, families, and organizations to get give back and help to enliven their community. As we say, “volunteer at WaterFire and become a part of the art!”

Full Episode:

Episode 11: Broadcast August 27th, 2014 | Featured image: Gift from a gargoyle, photo by James Turner.

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