Sidy Maïga and his band AfriManding. Photo by Jennifer Bedford.

Music and Cranes

Stories about Fidelity’s Origami Cranes and Master Musician Sidy Maïga

Host Bronwyn Dannenfelser was joined by co-host Barnaby Evans and they has the opportunity to speake with WaterFire Providence board member and VP Public Affairs at Fidelity Investments, John Muggeridge. John discussed  WaterFire Providence’s and Fidelity’s tradition of folding origami cranes.

Full Episode:


  1. John Muggeridge
  2. Sidy Maïga

John Muggeridge presents: Hold to Fold a Paper Crane:

Also on the show world class djembe player Sidy Maïga talked about his music and shared the rich history of djembe drumming in his native Mali. Sidy and his band AfriManding will be performing Saturday July 12th at the WaterFire Music Stage on Steeple Street starting at 7:00pm. You can see videos of some of Sidy’s performances on his youtube page or purchase music from his new album United Africa on iTunes.

Sidy Maïga and Afrimanding featuring Michelle Cruz

Broadcast July 9th, 2014 | Featured image by Jennifer Bedford.

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